Thank you Dr. Newberry for letting me know that I could go back and listen to the recording of TalkShoe! Horray!

I have a soft spot for ODL, as I was a student assistant for this department for nearly two years when I was an undergrad at CSUSB. I remember when Moodle was in the testing stages!

Dr. Monaghan stated that when choosing an LMS, one should be sure that it is reliable, it is is user friendly and easy to navigate. These, and other such factors, where taken into consideration when CSUSB chose a LMS. I thought it was particularly interesting that CSUSB has not always used BlackBoard – for some reason I thought it was the only true higher education LMS! The first LMS used was Web CT and it was eliminated because BlackBoard was more user friendly (Side note: I don’t know about reliability – I think just about everyone has dealt with a BlackBoard system failure during a final!)

The newest version of BlackBoard 9.1 will be integrated soon and will have new features such as blogging, chatting and wikis. Additionally, the gradebook will now reflect an Excel spreadsheet. I think that the use of wikis will be especially useful, especially for threading topics and discussions within a course.  Though, I have previously created a wiki on Moodle for a course and found that I most fought with linking and threading issues, rather than actually engaging with the content. I hope that the BlackBoard version is much more user friendly.