Choose two ways of creating instructor created presentations and that you might use and explain how you will ensure that they are ADA compliant. 

I would make an ADA compliant powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint would be offered in plain black text and a white background. No color indicators would be used. If I insert any video/audio of any type, I would be certain to provide a caption and text option of the media. The text would be provided in a simple PDF file, so as to provide accessibility to the user.

To be certain my course is compliant, I would make a checklist. The checklist would be based upon the guidelines featured in ADA Compliance Part I.

Question Yes or No
Is a text version of all video/audio available?  
Are indicators in plain text (no color)?  
Are markup sheets used correctly?  
Is the language easy to understand?  
Did the tables publish correctly?  
Did all the page over all publish as intended?  
Can the user control time-sensitive content?  
Can the user access all outside links?  
Can the course be used independent of a certain devices?  
Is there a clear context of the information provided?  
Is an orientation to the information provided?  
Can the user easily navigate through the pages?  
Are there indicators for navigation?  
Are all documents clear and simple?