Question 1.

Textual information can be seen in an elearning environment as text on a computer monitor. Textual information is either an announcement or document. An announcement is brief and prepared using LMS software. A document is longer than an announcement and addresses topics in detail. Documents are often uploaded (like an attachment format) to an LMS and can be viewed in its original format i.e. Word or PDF.

Presentation graphics slide shows are viewed on a computer screen. Graphic slide shows can be considered text based. An example of a presentation graphics slide show would be a PowerPoint Presentation.

Spreadsheets and databases are common ways to represent data. Excel is often useful for posting student grades. Excel spreadsheets are particularly useful as they students have a tool where they can predict their course grades by inputting “fake” scores amongst their real scores. Though spreadsheets maybe useful for said grade posting, spreadsheets and databases are not effective as they do not offer

Multimedia objects are still pictures, moving pictures or sound (or a combination of) that are used in elearning. Videos and animation are examples of moving pictures. Pictures and sound can be combined to make a multimedia object. These objects can be embedded into textual information, presentation slide shows or can be used independently. YouTube videos can be seen as a multimedia object. Multimedia objects is particularly effective in elearning situations where an task is ambiguous. Multimedia objects are able to transmit cues such as facial expression, body language and ton of voice. It also allows for the use of natural language. Due to these characteristics of multimedia objects, multimedia objects are useful for elearning.

Question 2.

Most important guidelines for textual information:


Bullets (or outlining)

Proper linking

Purpose: To outline product for sales team

Users: Sales team

A Summary of Widgets

Widgets are useful to sell because this, that, and the other thing.

Who can I sell a widget to?

  • This person
  • That person
  • The other person

Here are the main features of widgets that you should known:

  • Does This
  • Does That
  • Does The Other Thing

Here are a list of tools, the reason why these tools are useful and the links to find these tools. Here is the list of tools that will support your sales of widgets:

Question 3.

Synchronous – Students and instructors engage the elearning environment at the same time, but not necessarily from the same site.

Asynchronous – Students and instructors engage the elearning environment but not at the same time, nor from the same site.

I think choosing between synchronous and asynchronous tasks depends on what goals the instructor has for the course. In an elearning environment, it is useful to have a blend of synchronous and asynchronous tasks and assignments. For example, an asynchronous tasks allows for convenience of access for the both the students and the professor as it allows the students and instructors ot engage in the elearning environment at varying times from different sites. Convenience of access is important for many online learners, therefore, I would choose primarily asynchronous tasks for in a computer mediated learning setting.  Synchonous tasks, on the other hand, are useful for creating a sense of community in an elearning environment. A synchronous task, such as TalkShoe or Skype, is useful for accomplishing such tasks. Even though synchronous tasks are useful, they do create a sense of inconvenience for users – particularly for grad students. Therefore, I would primarily use asynchronous tasks and assignments for elearning.

Question 4.

Supporting Synchronous Communication technologies with the LMS I use at work



Question 5.

Supporting Asynchronous Communication technologies with the LMS I use at work




Questions 6.

Describe an asynchronous task

The task I would use in an online class would be the following:

Take a training module and take the quiz at the end of the module. The purpose of the training module is to improve the users sales by providing relevant product information that consumers would find useful in a sales presentation. This would be a general post in the sales training module. Users would be allowed to quit anytime and would be able to save their progress. The quiz can be completed an unlimited amount of times, though 70% is required to pass. Participants will have access to a link where they can email any questions that they may have.

The assignment would be explained as followed:

Please complete the following training module. You will have 40 minutes to complete the course. You may stop and continue the course at any time. Complete the training module and continue on to the quiz. You may take the quiz as many times as you need.

Technology support:

The technology that I would use to support this activity would be a graphic slide show, supported by a flash function. Students would need to have access to a computer and the Internet. I would use this LMS graphic slide show as a way for the students to work their way through the content. I would use this format as it provides a rich media space. This format would be useful as it allows the students to complete the module at their convenience. A feedback link would allow participants to submit any questions that they may have.


I would know that this activity was successful by the number of participants who would successful complete the training module  and pass the quiz. Also, I would be able to see how long the participants took to complete the training modules and how many times it took the users to pass the quiz. Form this information, I will be able to determine if the module is at the appropriate difficulty for the participants.

Also, I would be able to judge how clear and concise the training is by how often and to what extent participants use the email feedback link.