My name is Elizabeth Tomzik and I am a graduate student in the department of Communication Studies.

I am taking this course, like many of you, to assist my career. I work in the Marketing Technology (or e-Business) department at Princess Cruises. My role primarily consists of creating marketing content for travel agents. This marketing material is set up in an e-Learning environment. Hence, my reason for being interested in this course. In the class, I hope to learn strategies that can assist in a marketing focuses e-Learning environment. I would also like to learn strategies that assist in the enjoyment of LMS (learning management system) users experience.

My previous experience with e-Learning includes the use of BlackBoard – which I find easy and amicable to use.  Recently I have used Skype. I agree with Dr. Newberry that Skype does tend to have issues with multiple parties! I find that Skype is my least favorite e-Learning tool. In addition, for my job, I use a program called Articulate to process learning information from Office format to Flash. This program also stages a LMS (learning management system). I have also used Moodle, but only its beginning stages (I have worked in the Department of Distributed Learning at CSUSB).

I enjoy online learning. I find that it is easy to use and fits my lifestyle as a graduate student and career woman. I like that I can pace my workload and that I can do the work when it best fits my ideal learning environment. I also enjoy face-to-face learning, but I have found that e-Learning (for the time being) at least is most effect for my time needs. For these reasons, at this point in my life, I prefer online learning.

The following list includes e-Learning tools that I am familar with:




Articulate (Quiz & Presentation)

Complete Office System

I hope this blog gives me the opportunity to learn more about each of these tools, as well as affords me the chance to add a few new ones to my “tool box!”